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Y N – You Lie You Die (AKA True Love) (2012) ถ้ารัก…อย่ากลัว 2012

Kate and Jack appear to be a happy couple. After their wedding they both wake up in separate rooms without windows or doors. Both of them have to watc...

ผู้กำกับ: Enrico Clerico Nasino

นักแสดง: Tyrees Allen, John Brotherton, Clare Carey, Jay Harrington

5.1 IMDB Rating
Hyena Road (2015) ฮายีน่าโรด 2015

Three different men, three different worlds, three different wars - all stand at the intersection of modern warfare - a murky world of fluid morality ...

ผู้กำกับ: Paul Gross

นักแสดง: Rossif Sutherland, Allan Hawco, Paul Gross, Clark Johnson

6.5 IMDB Rating
City of Life and Death (2011) นานกิง โศกนาฏกรรมสงครามมนุษย์ 2009

In 1937, Japan occupied Nanjing, the Chinese capital. There was a battle and subsequent atrocities against the inhabitants, especially those who took ...

ผู้กำกับ: Chuan Lu

นักแสดง: Ye Liu, Yuanyuan Gao, Hideo Nakaizumi, Wei Fan

7.7 IMDB Rating
My Way (2011) สงคราม มิตรภาพ ความรัก 2011

In World War II-era Korea, rival runners, one Korean (Jang Dong-gun) and one Japanese (Joe Odagiri), go to war together against the Soviets.

ผู้กำกับ: Je-kyu Kang

นักแสดง: Dong-gun Jang, Joe Odagiri, Bingbing Fan, In-kwon Kim

7.8 IMDB Rating
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) เจ้าชาย แห่งเปอร์เซีย : มหาสงครามทะเลทรายแห่งกาลเวลา 2010

A young fugitive prince and princess must stop a villain who unknowingly threatens to destroy the world with a special dagger that enables the magic s...

ผู้กำกับ: Mike Newell

นักแสดง: Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina

6.6 IMDB Rating
Ben Hur The Epic (2010) เบนเฮอร์ มหากาพย์จอมวีรบุรุษ 2010

A young Jewish prince seeks revenge after an old friend wrongly imprisons him and his family.

นักแสดง: Joseph Morgan, Stephen Campbell Moore, Emily VanCamp, Kristin Kreuk

6.5 IMDB Rating
Dam999 (2011) เขื่อนวิปโยควันโลกแตก 2011

After many years two mariners return to homeland with the hope of a new beginning, little did they know about a disaster that would change their desti...

ผู้กำกับ: Sohan Roy

นักแสดง: Joshua Fredric Smith, Vinay, Megha Burman, Linda Arsenio

3.7 IMDB Rating
Sea Without Exit (2006) สงครามบัญญัตินามวีรบุรุษ 2006

Koji Namiki, a talented young pitcher, who had won the National High School Baseball Championships enters university, but soon afterwards injures his ...

ผู้กำกับ: Kiyoshi Sasabe

นักแสดง: Ebizô Ichikawa, Yûsuke Iseya, Juri Ueno, Shun Shioya

6.6 IMDB Rating
A Battle Of Wits (2006) มหาบุรุษ กู้แผ่นดิน 2006

Story centers on a battle during China's Warring States Period, a series of civil wars, which spanned from the 5th to the 3rd century B.C. Based on a ...

ผู้กำกับ: Chi Leung 'Jacob' Cheung

นักแสดง: Andy Lau, Ahn Sung-ki, Zhiwen Wang, Bingbing Fan

6.8 IMDB Rating
The Great Raid (2005) 121 ตะลุยนรกมฤตยู 2005

Taking place towards the end of WWII, 500 American Soldiers have been entrapped in a camp for 3 years. Beginning to give up hope they will ever be res...

ผู้กำกับ: John Dahl

นักแสดง: Benjamin Bratt, James Franco, Robert Mammone, Max Martini

6.7 IMDB Rating