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Paranormal Activity 2 Tokyo Night (2010) เรียลลิตี้ขนหัวลุก 2 ดักผีโตเกียว 2010

Haruka Yamano returns from America to Tokyo in a wheelchair, both legs having multiple fractures from a car accident. She is helped by her brother Koi...

ผู้กำกับ: Toshikazu Nagae

นักแสดง: Aoi Nakamura, Noriko Aoyama

5.1 IMDB Rating
Always Sunset on Third Street 3 (2012) ถนนสายนี้ หัวใจไม่เคยลืม 3 2012

The Tokyo Olympics are about to open, and Rynosuke Chagawa is excited to receive a new TV set to watch the upcoming events. His wife Hiromi is pregnan...

ผู้กำกับ: Takashi Yamazaki

นักแสดง: Hidetaka Yoshioka, Shin'ichi Tsutsumi, Koyuki, Maki Horikita

7.2 IMDB Rating
Hana s Miso soup (2015) มิโซซุปของฮานะจัง 2015

Chie, who is a recent college graduate, becomes engaged to a man. Her life, however, takes an unexpected turn when she is diagnosed with terminal canc...

ผู้กำกับ: Tomoaki Akune

นักแสดง: Ryôko Hirosue, Ken'ichi Takitô, Yo Hitoto, Mahiru Konno

7.2 IMDB Rating
Sea Without Exit (2006) สงครามบัญญัตินามวีรบุรุษ 2006

Koji Namiki, a talented young pitcher, who had won the National High School Baseball Championships enters university, but soon afterwards injures his ...

ผู้กำกับ: Kiyoshi Sasabe

นักแสดง: Ebizô Ichikawa, Yûsuke Iseya, Juri Ueno, Shun Shioya

6.6 IMDB Rating
Summer Wars (2009) ซัมเมอร์ วอร์ส 2009

A student tries to fix a problem he accidentally caused in OZ, a digital world, while pretending to be the fiancé of his friend at her grandmother's 9...

ผู้กำกับ: Mamoru Hosoda

นักแสดง: Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Nanami Sakuraba, Mitsuki Tanimura, Takahiro Yokokawa

7.6 IMDB Rating
Terraformars (2016) สงครามฆ่าพันธุ์มฤตยู 2016

In an attempt to colonize Mars, 21st century scientists seed the planet with algae to absorb sun light and purify the atmosphere, and cockroaches who ...

ผู้กำกับ: Takashi Miike

นักแสดง: Rinko Kikuchi, Rila Fukushima, Kane Kosugi, Takayuki Yamada

4.8 IMDB Rating
Detective Conan Movie 14 The Lost Ship in the Sky (2010) โคนัน เดอะมูฟวี่ 14 ปริศนามรณะเหนือน่านฟ้า 2010

Kid has his eyes set on the "Lady of the Sky" jewel aboard Bell 3, the largest airship in the world. However, a mysterious terrorist group called Red ...

ผู้กำกับ: Yasuichirô Yamamoto

นักแสดง: Minami Takayama, Kappei Yamaguchi, Wakana Yamazaki, Chafûrin

6.9 IMDB Rating
Detective Conan The Movie 16 The Eleventh Striker (2012) ยอดนักสืบจิ๋วโคนัน ปริศนาระทึก-ศึกลูกหนังมรณะ 2012

The Detective Boys attend a promotional event where the J. League play soccer with children where the group are acquainted with the people there...

ผู้กำกับ: Kôbun Shizuno

นักแสดง: Minami Takayama, Rikiya Koyama, Wakana Yamazaki, Chafûrin

6.5 IMDB Rating
Detective Conan Movie 17 Private Eye in The Distant Sea(2013)โคนัน เดอะมูฟวี่ 17 ฝ่าวิกฤติเรือรบมรณะ 2013

Conan and his friends search for a foreign spy who might have also committed a murder.

ผู้กำกับ: Kôbun Shizuno

นักแสดง: Kappei Yamaguchi, Minami Takayama, Rikiya Koyama, Wakana Yamazaki

6.7 IMDB Rating
Hanamizuki (2010) ฮานะมิซึกิ เกิดมาเพื่อรักเธอ 2010

Sae (Yui Aragaki) is a high school student who is studying hard for her college entrance exams. She lost her father when she was very young and so liv...

ผู้กำกับ: Nobuhiro Doi

นักแสดง: Yui Aragaki, Tôma Ikuta, Manatsu Hayashi, Arata Iura

7.0 IMDB Rating